Dragon Spirit Resources

Guide with Pictures Posted Here

But do read This posT in full. You will need To understand The basics i detailed. Just ignore the runestone and research requirements.

The Dragon Labyrinth is a great resource generator. So much so that you can get more rss per day in the lab than you can gather in a day on any farm with minimal effort. Guaranteed.

There are some requirements. However any farm can get there in a month or less. It depends on speedups and coins you may have stocked for the Undead Trader plus steel reserves.

  1. VIP 5
  2. University 15
  3. Floor 55 in Labyrinth
  4. Dragon Spirit level 35


Adds 5% cooldown reduction to the labyrinth. This is important because the goal is 36 hours. By default the labyrinth cooldown is 48 hours. You can use 30 minute items if you don’t buy a monthly VIP activation.

If you are savvy you can start the lab timer and when it’s less than 30 minutes, activate VIP and then do your plunder. Done right you can use the activated VIP to plunder again because the lab will finish it’s cooldown before your VIP ends.


Level 15 is required to maximize your satchel capacity. You should research capacity to 15 and cooldown to 5. This ensures you have enough capacity to plunder all the coins you need to buy resources daily and 5% more to the cooldown.

You also want to research Health, Defense, and Potion Effect to 6 at a minimum. This will make it easier to unlock floor 55. You can also add some research to Health Potion and Attack if you wish.

Spirit Talents

You want to go Knight; however for capacity reasons you should put 10 points in Berserker and Mage to gain 10 x 25 or 250 satchel capacity in addition to the 5 x 25 under Knight. In total this is 15 x 25 or 375 in total capacity which is the recommended amount in this guide.

Additional points can be put in Knight favoring Defense and Health. You don’t need the extra Satchel Capacity and can skip that path entirely.

Dragon Spirit Gear

You want full Knight gear. Each time you unlock the next gear color forge it immediately. Do not enhance as it is a waste of coins.

It is better to dismantle your existing gear before making new to reuse materials. You may need additional materials to go up in gear quality so have extra coins handy.

  • Green – Floor 15
  • Blue – Floor 25
  • Purple – Floor 35
  • Gold – Floor 45

To forge Gold gear you need a total of 70,199 steel and 1,400 of each material. You can buy the required materials as you go or stockpile them once you have the coins to purchase. You need 1,995 coins to purchase the materials.

Steel is not available in the Undead Trader. You can try Spire or Trial coins if you have them. Otherwise on a fresh account you’re limited to the Wishing Well, Packs, and Daily Goods Exchange quotas.  

Dragon Spirit Runestones

Runestone leveling is priority one as you will find it more difficult to progress without them. 
To unlock Floor 55 you will need to level those gemstones and have unenhanced Gold gear.

  • Defense – 2 runestones to level 1 (if wanted)
  • Health – all 4 runestones to level 4
  • Attack – 2 runestones to level 4


I have created a spreadsheet to help you. You can find this by going to the Spreadsheet menu item. A video will be posted on how to use this sheet. It is only Version 1 and will be further enhanced as necessary. This version is sufficient to get anyone started on massive resources.

Special Shoutout to @Christof for convincing Dew and I to use the lab for resources.  Your advice was valuable to this post and my own sanity.

♡ 207


  1. Here’s some advice from me of how I turned my labyrinth into a big bot farm as a person who previously never gave a f**k about the lab…

    Before reaching floor 55
    Farm drag spirit exp to spirit level 35 and use the mage character (I found it better than knight for some reason lol) and put all your talent points on combat areas (not satchel capacity ones, ur gonna respec them later). If there are any extra points you can put it into the spirit health/attack/defense in the knight/berserker section. Research at least satchel cap to level 10 and after that focus on researching combat stats. Meanwhile get orange spirit gear (u don’t need full mage gear, u can mix a couple with knight for the defensive pieces as it gives better defensive stats) (not gold gear cuz it takes up too much steel lol and I don’t wanna waste steel). Also get all the runestones required to fit the sockets with your coins & upgrade the runes to at least lvl 3. If u still can’t get to 55 then upgrade runes to 4, and if still not then try a few more times (I got to 55 without even having all my rune sockets filled lol, not to mention having them to level 4).

    After reaching floor 55
    Spend the 500 gold to respec talent points (ur going from combat to farming mode). Trust me, it’s worth it. Max out the Satchel Capacity I skill on all 3 trees. Then farm drag spirit exp until you have enough talent points to max out Satchel Capacity II skill on one of the trees (should happen at spirit level 44 like mine). Focus on researching satchel capacity and labyrinth cooldown. Remember to activate a 30m VIP every time before you plunder (or alternatively spend 4k gold to get a 30-day VIP every month like I do) as it increases satchel capacity and decreases cooldown.

    And that’s how I get over 1400 coins per 36 hours lol

    P.S.: You should dismantle ur gear after u reach floor 55 especially if ur in desperate need of steel such as for enhancing DS or whatever lol (unless if ur not the type of person that doesn’t give a f**k about dragon spirit arena, rankings and combat… but honestly IDGAF cuz it’s honestly is a waste of time and effort)… The lab should only be used as a farm for rss (as well as those temporary accolade things), not for any other purpose.

    YW 🙂

    ~~ A purls fan from K133

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    • For a main that works. Converting farms is the purpose of the post. Most of what you said applies to established accounts and a lot is stuff I’m posting in my tutorial.


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