Long Term Goals

So today was productive. I promise you I’m just as surprised at today’s achievements as you will be. Many were long term goals I set months ago. They have been a long time coming and I’m feeling both a little dazed and proud. 100% #Gamer post.

As many of you know if you follow me (if you don’t you should) our KVK was “cancelled” and we have replaced it with a vacation and growth.  We all set goals to achieve before our next match up and in this post I’ve achieved all but the final – stronghold 32.  But the items I completed today set me up for this upgrade.

Deathseeker Set Complete

It all started as I logged in and tallied my Deathseeker helm cost. I had 1.5 mats. I shopped the fair as I often do for bargains. First remember that each special mat for Deathseeker costs 64k gold. I had 140k gold at the start of this journey.

1 – Had $10 left on GP card. It was a $50 card but I used $40 on two Ice Lord packs yesterday. I bought a 3rd today and charged the $10 to my card (opps). Two mats down, two to go

2 – Warmonger Helm gives a Dragon Bone and Dragon Hide special mat. So 128k value that I acquired for 106k in the Merchant Fair. So I forged my final Deathseeker piece.

Deathseeker Set +1

Last night I paid 5k gold to enhance my fifth Deathseeker to +1. All that was left was the new helm. 8k gold later that was also done. Essence is a bitch to acquire without $$.

Total Cost = 115k gold
Feeling = Priceless

Attack Chivalry Maxed

I acquired this beauty mid-March and have been dumping all free stones and gems into it every since. I finally passed the half way mark and soon completed three quarters. I was done being patient.

I traded in Animal Hide, Cerussite, Pine, and Bronze for spirit coins and bought five level 5 refining stones.

Result = Max Gem Attack
Feeling = Euphoric

Buildings to Level 30

I don’t even know how this happened. I did the first few without the hammer relic. Then bought it because I wasn’t stopping. My Storehouse started at 28. My Trading Post at 25. I also brought my Wishing Well from 25 to 30.

Then I started the 9 day 4 hour build in my wall. Stronghold 32 is pending badges.

I can now get all my buildings to prestige 30.

Cost = 28m Silver + 70m Iron + 125m Wood
Feeling = Can’t believe I did that

So I logged off. Before I did something insane. It is safer for everyone this way.


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