How to Get to Floor 55

I’ve written a few posts on Dragon Spirit and how to get to floor 55 in the labyrinth.  I recommend reading Dragon Spirit Resources to get a good idea of the basics in regards to VIP and how everything ties together.  Then use the below research, gear, runestones, and talents to get yourself to floor 55 and collect the resource bounty!

Dragon Spirit Talents

The talents you use for grinding coins are not the same talents you use for getting past floor 55.  At least not with the minimum requirements outlined in this post.  For farming coins I recommend a 10/19/10 setup.  Where the 10 unlock satchel capacity in each skill tree.

You need to have at least a level 35 dragon spirit in order to equip the orange gear.  Any less and you cannot equip the gear, nor will you have enough talent points to get to the talents required to boost your chances at unlocking floor 55. 

Notice how I used Knight and that we skipped over the non-essential, non-fight related skills. Simply go across the top until you get to Knight Parry Damage II, then put 5 points in Berserker health, 5 points in Mage health and the last 3 in Health Potion I under Knight tree. Because sometimes you need that extra health boost.

Dragon Spirit Talents to Unlock Floor 55
Dragon Spirit Talents to Unlock Floor 55
Dragon Spirit Talents to Unlock Floor 55
Dragon Spirit Talents to Unlock Floor 55

Dragon Spirit Research

Research should be a non-issue.  The bare minimum is below.  The more you do the better you’ll do.  You should be able to research all of this in one sitting.  The speed consumption is minimal. Plus most people are doing this on farms which should have excess of everything.  

Dragon Spirit Research for Floor 55
Dragon Spirit Research for Floor 55

Dragon Spirit Gear

This is the easy part.  Really.  You just need the orange knight gear.  That’s it.  No enhancements.  If you followed my other guide then you already know the mats required to forge this set.  

NOTE: You should use the MAGE chest over the Knight.  Because the mana recovery allows you to heal every fight without ever running out.

Orange Heroic Knight Set for Floor 55 in Labyrinth
Orange Heroic Knight Set

Dragon Spirit Runestones

Use these runestones.  Put them where they fit in the gear.  Done.  Easy.  

Special Thanks

I have Dewmaus to thank for this.  He has leveled many accounts to unlock floor 55 and through trial and error managed to minimize the requirements to pass that final floor.   

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