Dear 207

Farewell 207
Farewell 207

Dear 207,

It is with sadness I write this post. I have been with you since February 18, 2017 and my last day will be October 3, 2018.  I have decided to migrate to Kingdom 80.

This was not an easy decision to make and I hate that I will no longer be able to play with you guys; however for me it is the right decision to make.  It is no secret that I have been unhappy for a while.  The only reason I have remained is because I love you all and hoped that Migration would fix our vacancy issues.  

Our first Migration has us listed as a departure kingdom only.  It also matched us with only one Kingdom.  For many of us this Kingdom is filled with people we know and have socialized with for a long time.  We are confident that the culture of 80 is similar to 207 and that assimilation will be painless.  We cannot guarantee 207 will get another chance to Migrate or that the selection will be as perfect as this one.

I wish everyone the best.  You should be able to maintain any kingdom dynamic you wish. Choose your own rules and event schedules. Have fun and farm or socialize. If you want to do KVK – please do. Have fun with it.  

It is unlikely we will ever match with you in KVK; however know that if we do that I will not allow Kingdom 80 to invade. If anything we will lend a hand if necessary. If you match with those who left in Conquest – the same.  I look forward to the opportunity to battle shoulder to shoulder with you again.

I have decided to not gift my relic. It does not mean I don’t love you guys, only that I feel you should pave your own way. I will either let it be protected by a monster to be found by a lucky soul or leave it unattended on an empty stronghold.

I’m only leaving the kingdom, not the game or you. I will still be in Discord and all of you are welcome to stay. The server will change a little to accommodate this; however it is my hope we can all stay in touch. I will be watching you and wish you every joy the game can offer.

I will make my move official later today and will do one final tour across 207 to not only say farewell to those who wish to remain but to invite those who wish to migrate. In the end it is a personal decision for everyone and I will be saddened no matter who stays or goes.

Love always and with many tears,
Purls HQ

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