Fall Hemlock Ring Baby Blanket

Fall Hemlock Ring Baby Blanket

Hello. Long time no see.

I stopped knitting over three years ago because I physically could not do it anymore. A car accident left me unable to hold the needles without instant numbness followed by pain. At the time I attempted continental knitting; however my muscle memory was too long and recent to adapt easily.

So I put my needles down. I tried to crochet a bit but it was never my passion. I have always been fond of the fabric appearance of knitting. So instead of knitting I went back to gaming. If you’re interested in that you can check out my other blog https://purlshq.blog or watch the team in action at https://youtube.com/purlshq. Or don’t 🙂

A coworker announced she was pregnant and that she is due mid 2019. It made me want to pick up my needles again. So I did. I selected a pattern I’ve done before and not overly intricate but covered most of the common stitches. This time around continental knitting was much easier. It is second nature to me now. All I needed was time.

Just started feather and fan section.

I selected yarn I had in stock and the yellow center is because it is her favorite color and I only had a partial skein. It went further as the center. Hopefully the colors and presentation of them will be appealing. I already regret using brown after yellow; however I organized what color based on quantity for the most part. I know I’ll need more as I get to the outer ring.

Have any of you taken a hiatus from knitting – or another hobby? What is your story?

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