Hemlock Ring Disaster – Kinda

Fall Hemlock Ring Baby Blanket

So I have already made my first mistake. By mistake I mean I should have added the lifeline I thought to after the initial stockinette rows before the feather and fan pattern started.

How did I get confused? Because I did this at night after my brain had already shut down from work. I read the pattern incorrectly. Where it identified the stitches per repeat I saw row #’s. So instead of going with my gut and following the line #s on the grid I went with tired brain.

Those are NOT row #’s brain.

So now I must unravel a few rounds of knitting. After adding a lifeline. To accomplish this I used a lighter colored skein of yarn for this project and a tapestry needle. I may have take a three year hiatus but you don’t forget how to read knitting. That is the easy part.

No, the hard part is picking this stitches back up from the lifeline to continue knitting. I’m leaving this lifeline in too, until I add the next. Not going to skip it this time.

So now I’m a few rows behind but the pattern is easy to memorize so I anticipate that I’ll be back where I was within the hour. We’ll call this my humbling moment.

Do you have a time when you were perhaps a bit too cocky and realized you messed up and had to go back and eat some humble pie? Tell us about it in the comments.

One comment

  1. Lol, mistakes happen, you’re only human after all.

    I’ve stopped counting the number of times I started over, a part of the project, or all of it.

    That’s how you learn, I suppose.

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