Ring Around the Clappy

The Hemlock Ring Blanket is done. I just need to block and that blocking will require a purchase of lace wires from KnitPicks.  

I blocked it with some pins to show the pattern and make myself feel good that I did it right.

This is the only project I have started and finished in 2019.  I’m working on finishing up others that I started before I laid down my needles four years ago – what I thought was forever.  

This is my first pure continental knit.  Since it was circular it was rather easy and I never had to purl.  Well that changed with my next project, named Clapotis #2 and I quickly learned that purling via continental didn’t suit me. I ended up in agony and it didn’t feel fluid. I’m sure if I had been more patient I could have struggled through, but why?

So I’m doing the hybrid approach. Continental on the right side and English on the wrong. Who says that you have to choose just one style?

5 Yarn Over Drops

It is very difficult to knit with the yarn, it is slippery. I’m still using metal needles despite this because while yarn sticks to wood it also makes it harder for the yarn to move from one needle to the other.

I also stopped using all the stitch markers but two; one to start the continuous repeat of 6 stitches and the other to end it. I chant:

One, two, three, four, five, six…

So I always know where I am. kbl, knit, kbl, (one, two, three) followed by knit, knit, knit (four, five, six). I can go faster without moving a marker every 6 stitches and as long as I stop at 6 every time I will never lose my place.

At the writing of this post I am on the 12th row of the 6th repeat. Just 7 repeats to go on the straight rows before I start the decrease section. I had planned my yarn perfectly, but having started this project so many years ago I don’t recall the math. I hope the pattern as written with the yarn at hand will suffice. It is gorgeous. It will be mine.

Famous Last Words:

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