Purls Quinn the Sim

The Sims 4

Major throwback here. I have not played Sims in a long time; however I was bored and recalled how much fun I had designing houses and lives.

A few Google searches later and I arrived at Origin.com to discover they had a subscription based system! Perfect for me because I didn’t feel like buying all the things.

I signed up for their free Basic trial and I think I will upgrade to the annual Premium once that expires. Compared to King of Avalon I could buy every expansion and add-on TS4 has to offer and not make a dent in what I spent there. I’ve decided to just take it easy and start small. Play whatever the Basic subscription offers.

I have been obsessed with my new sim and her backstory and the future she has planned. Her name is Purls Quinn. How creative, I know.

Version 1.0 – How Do You Play This Again?

I created Purls 1.0 and opted to skip the tutorial. She purchased the cheapest land and had template rooms installed for basic needs. This version had the Serial Romantic aspiration with Neat, Romantic, and Noncommital traits. I had this goal of being a sloot and I wanted her to self-clean so this worked out. In prior games it was always an issue to have more than one romantic interest and this was the goal of this version testing.

When playing with the gender options I saw that it was more fluid that I was used to and opted to make her able to impregnate others. I was going to test if I could get another chick pregnant. I checked off “pees standing up” but then opted for the traditional “pees sitting down”.

To be honest, it was the first time I had played any sims game in many years and it was all a bit overwhelming. I wanted to get in quickly to start playing and see if I really wanted to invest in a paid subscription before my free trial was up.

The more I played the quicker her story came to me. I don’t have all the details yet and if you follow my blog you can discover it with me. Here she is in all her glory!

Look for me in The Sims 4 Gallery!

The Backstory (so far)

Purls is a immortal. How she got this way I’m not sure of; however she has lived a long time and accumulated massive wealth and knowledge. I have tossed around the idea of a Goddess but I am also leaning towards freak accident. Guess you’ll have to hit that follow button to stay up to date and find out exactly what her history is!

What I do know is that she has seen and done everything but settle and have a family. She has been careful in prior lives to not get pregnant – because what world traveler wants to have a needy child along for the ride?

Her motivation for this change is out of desperate loneliness. Everyone that she ever met has passed on. She has seen empires rise and fall with the bloody battles between. Being immortal, money was never an issue and she is not sure of her exact worth but money just appears after careful years of investing.

Purls 2.0 + Dew 1.0 = K-I-S-S-I-N-G in a Tree

Day 2 I started over with a brand new sim in CAS and basically reused the hair. Unlike with Purls 1.0, I spent a lot of time making her just right. I may have stayed up a little late playing the sim to make sure she was exactly what I was after – because this time I added in Dew Maus 1.0! Because I can always edit her looks later and make her perfect I settled with the below versions because I wanted to test how she would interact with her new husband.

You see DH discovered my devious plans for Purls and he was not having it. He insisted he be a part of the story!

“Well,” I told him, “how about you are the only man I marry in the game and my only true love. You will die and I will live forever, but I will never marry again. I’ll just have sex with everyone and make all the babies so I can fill my house and have generations upon generations of kids and grandkids and great grandkids and so on”.

Purls HQ

We “discussed” until he caved. I even promised to keep his spirit chained to the manor forever and ever and even build a shrine to him. I also said I’d make a masterpiece painting to hang in the bedroom.

“No,” he said, “you will NOT make me watch you sleep with other men for all eternity so you better put that painting somewhere outside of the bedroom.”


We spent the next hour putting together my outfits and the final touches on makeup and such. I was not entirely happy with my selections but basic is basic and you get what you get.

I created Dew Maus 1.0 quickly – used whatever face was randomized. It had a goatee which I wanted so it was perfect as is. I spent more time on his ambition and traits because I wanted to test and see how well he fit with Purls and how well he’d handle himself in certain situations.

Purls 2.0 decided her ambition was Successful Lineage with Romantic, Ambitious, and Outgoing traits.
Dew 1.0 ended up with a Party Animal ambition with Geek, Self-Assured, and Outgoing traits.

All my versions are uploaded to The Sim 4 Gallery if you want to check them out. I used my old, old EA account from Simpsons Tapped Out and it looks like my uploads stated my username is “aviendhae” but I updated everything to PurlsHQ.

Cheat Codes (oh my)

I made my character (and added in the hubby) after a long day at work thinking about Purls and how I would accomplish her storyline without affecting everything else. I researched cheat codes and figured out my solution.

I’ve decided that I will use certain cheats to make her storyline work, but nothing else. I have played games where you break pathing and such with altering the original object size or position; further breaking some things if you add custom content. Using this gaming wisdom I decided that – at least to start – I would bare bones basic everything. I may add expansions or add-ons or even use custom content but it will be limited and applicable to Purls. Her stability in game is necessary to prevent my insanity in real life.

I’ll be adding massive reward points so she has no needs to fill and unlimited youth potions to stay alive forever. I could just turn off needs decay, but that affects the entire world – as my testing last night showed – and I only want Purls to be immortal not everyone else. Every other sim in her world will age and die with full needs requirements.

She will never run out of simoleons thanks to the money cheat. She is also a master every skill available and will likely master every Ambition and Career as I play her storyline. Afterall, immortals don’t need to take time out to pee or eat and sleep.

This combination of “cheats” worked well for my story and I think after playing her for the evening I nailed what I like/dislike about her and Dew’s ambitions and traits and tonight I recreated both. Well I used the same Purls 2.0 skin and such, changed her casual wear. The formal casual wear was irritating even though I thought it’d be more her flaunting her wealth.

I pushed this household to the max until I conceived a baby and gave birth. Since this will be my state most of my life now because I have a house and soon neighborhood (day I say world) to populate with my perfectness I wanted to ensure she would bear the burden well. haha

We named our bundle of joy, Cherish.

It was 2am and I had to work the next day so I saved and went to bed with dreams of sims.

Purls 3.0 + Dew 2.0 = Done

This brings you current to Day 3 of my madness. I made a copy of my save files because I wanted to ensure I never lost my game and promptly uploaded it all to the cloud. I also spent an insane amount of boring time going through and figuring out how different game saves worked and was very happy to see I had saved all my Purls versions before I started playing them to my gallery.

It was this luck that caused me to upload my versions to the public gallery and share them with others. I already have 9 downloads and a follower in gallery so maybe I did something right. I had to unpublish (and lose one favorite flag and five download flags) to change the description because I wanted to reference what the purpose of these household uploads was and mention my blog (welcome if you arrived here from the gallery!)

Big Happy Family ambition with Romantic, Outgoing, and Erratic traits.
Friend of the World ambition with Geek, Self-Assured, and Outgoing traits.

I haven’t started playing this household yet but I feel confident in my choices. I had to alter Dew because DH was not pleased with his old look. I tried to explain I was messing with traits and such but he wasn’t going back to his cave until I caved and made him into a respectable mate for Purls.

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