Setting the Scene – Quinn Manor

First, the Cheats

Skills Cheat List
Cheating is encouraged!
Rewards Points Cheat List

Then, the Purchase

$5.39 for a $50 game?  SOLD!
Well, bought the game for the cost of a monthly Origin Basic subscription. Score!

Finally, Quinn Manor

I take zero credit for this amazing creation.

Bloomfield Palace Castle
One of the few lots I found that features the layout and massive bedrooms I’m going to need.

I was just skimming the gallery when I happened upon the perfect home for the Quinns. It featured 13 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. The basement has a pool and the first floor is pure entertaining. The rest of the floors are bedrooms and baths with a library at the very top. The rooftop garden area is also unique.

The house is furnished but missing the final touches which I will enjoy adding. I plan on redecorating everything and renovating a few spaces to suit my needs.

I started with the master. It had no bathroom and even though I don’t really need one ensuite it didn’t seem right to have this massive bedroom with no bath.

Lots of empty space in this room.
The before picture. Huge and ideal for a master; but lots of wasted space. Every master needs a bath ensuite…

So far I’ve been messing around with the arrangement and this is not the final product but to start my storyline it is.

Getting there with the renovations.
No doors to the bathroom, it isn’t like anyone but Purls or Dew (or the multitude of lovers after he dies) need a door between them in this space.

That is all I managed tonight. I am in no rush, these things are a process. Quinn Manor will be a living thing – always changing.

Famous Last Words:

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