Renovating a Castle

I lied. I not only bought a few Sims 4 extras but I also added mods and custom content. I went from nope not doing that cause it’ll mess up the game to full-in-spent-all-weekend-playing-with-just-that.

I’m not sorry either.


I bought the Get Famous expansion for many reasons. I compared all the expansions and decided this one offered the most content I wanted out of them all. I instant cheated my way to Global Superstar first thing. Had fun basking in the glow of my adoring fans and in general played with the new content until I felt comfortable with it. I added on the Vintage Glamor pack to enhance this purchase.

Then things took a turn. I bought the Parenthood Pack because I want to raise a family on this storyline and also acquired the Kids Room Stuff and Toddler Stuff cause they kinda go with it. I still haven’t touched this because…I started a new game with a completely different storyline. One of the things that happens in a sandbox game.

Mod the Sims

I didn’t just do mods, I did NSFW mods. Why? Cause I’m a grown ass woman and when my sims shower, pee, breastfeed, and woohoo I can’t stand the blur. It is annoying and I always patch that out – even when I played The Sims Online.

I found an amazing mod called WickedWhims and also installed animations and such that go with. It took me some time to work through the many settings and I eventually found my happy place with it.

Here is a list of what I call “helper” mods that I also installed:

I also installed custom content. Well, one thing. The default bars in game are too big for the space I had in mind for them and I needed something that was just two tiles wide not four.

I’m being very selective on what I’m adding and why. I played with a lot of mods this weekend and after I tested everything – in it’s own save file – I purged the stuff I didn’t like or need.

Quinn Castle

So, because I finally got access to 64×64 lots in Get Famous, I was able to use the original house I wanted before I discovered the base game only had 50×50 lots and I settled for the next best thing for Quinn Manor.

Build by a wealthy Baron over a century ago, this grand estate is the setting for lavish parties and even played host to royalty! This 44 room mansion contains priceless antiques and exquisitely manicured gardens lovingly cared for by the Baron’s descendants! House building video at:

I didn’t look at the video until I created the link for this post. I didn’t even see the link when I downloaded…or I wouldn’t be as perturbed as I am right now. As you can see the download I did was a repost. Not a perfect one either. I’m missing all sorts of stuff that was in the original build. Like compare the two…

It also explains why all the comments say doors were missing and why some things look awkward. Based on what I see comparing the two this dracularua454 downloaded something that had content from more than the base game… which reverted it to just base game stuff. They then uploaded it as is.

Now I knew when I added this to my gallery that it was a remake of someone else’s work; however I clicked the original by link to amitaliri and got nothing. So I shrugged it off and just went with it cause the house is epic and is only more epic if I’d had the full version.

I approached this as a renovation of an old house to modernize and add personality. I had to add the missing doors and for the most part keep the layout and rooms as they were. I set the main center rooms downstairs (between the stairs) as open to guests and locked the doors leading to the stairs for household only. When testing the lot I noticed that sims went everywhere and it is a BIG house so you cannot do a goaled social event and meet all the objectives.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in love with my new castle and in love with the edits I’ve made. I only wish I’d had all the pretty things on the outside that add to the glamor of it. Nothing to do about it now. Good to know that while I was doing the renovations all the little quirks I found are now explained. Like how could someone make something so impressive and skillful but miss doors connecting everything?

So far I’m 75% done with the downstairs. I haven’t even touched upstairs. Part of renovating is “learning” the house. Building it then decorating you already have an idea what is where when you play. Coming in I had to study the “blueprints” and figure out how I wanted to make it work for my needs.

I’m still not sure what I’m doing with the right wing (if looking at the front of the house) but I have decided that the center is all for entertaining and the right and left wings are for family only as well as upstairs. For this reason I had to ensure I had music, bars, and bathrooms accessible in the public areas.

My version also has two rugs that are not removable. Bugged I’m sure. So I had to go with a color palette that worked since no other rug combo covered it well enough. In the end I decided that those two rugs are a family heirloom and as such are a part of the house.

That’s it for the “writing’ part of this post. What follows are just pictures that I took and shared of my renovation as I did it with friends in Discord (join us at and the captions highlight our conversations.


Once I discovered these fancy curtains from Get Famous! I was in lala land. Like literally…it changed everything on this build. Many things changed at this point and I haven’t taken full pictures yet. Perhaps I’ll do a walkthrough video once it is all done! Be sure to hit subscribe to get the latest updates.

I leave you with the link to the ORIGINAL BUILD which I wish I’d downloaded but I’m too far into this renovation to start over.

Famous Last Words:

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