TS4: The Bachelorette Challenge

This is not a challenge exclusive to TS4 and has existed since TS1. I’ve decided to play it. I’ll publish each episode and have lots of content to go with such as interviews and backstage access to the wtf reel. Still undecided if I will Twitch with export to YouTube or if I’ll just record and upload to YouTube.

The original rules are posted on XUrbanSimsX website; however I will modify them a little. I want to stick to the real life rules and atmosphere as much as possible.

First up is the house. I’m still browsing around. I don’t want to build it myself as that’ll detract too much. Whatever I select will have a drastic makeover to make it work my needs.

I’ll be grabbing the male contestants from the gallery – selecting an entire family as I want them to have those relationships and a home they call theirs. This will require me to play those sims a bit before they decide to find love on a tv show.

Everyone will have their backstories and the game save I create for this will likely have some extended play time because I’m sure I’ll fall in love with the characters as they reveal themselves.

Out of all the challenges I read this one seemed the most fun and unpredictable. I’ll post my rules and the contestants as they occur. And the houses of course!

Suggestions welcome 🙂 Comment below and hit follow to stay tuned!

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