Contestant: Andrew Washington [Sims in Love: Bachelorette Edition]

While the Filming House Speed Renovation video was uploading I decided to view the gallery and see if I could find any interesting sims to use for The Bachelorette Challenge.

Because I wanted a backstory I used that as a hashtag. It isn’t uncommon and the second search result was a perfect option! There were several versions of this Sim loaded to gallery and I selected the Single Dad with Grandad cause… family for home visits!

#MathiasRhodes couldn’t be happier living the #cabin life all #alone. Following after his childhood hero, a #hermit that lived in the woods behind his house, Mathias has come to a #simple lifestyle. And has for a long time. If he’s ever not #fishing he’s being a #bookworm, and his #gardening makes him self-reliant. Does anyone dare try to befriend this #loner? Or, if even possible, worm their way into his heart? #backstory (Home): #stagcabin

BONUS is because he comes with his own house!

#stagcabin Who says men can’t love #flowers? This #mancave features a beautiful flower #garden and a #woodworking area. The #cabin is also a #tinyhome, and you bet it can be a #cottage for any lady #loner! The second floor has a #loft with a catwalk leading to a #private #balcony. Sims with #handy skills can carve their own table, chairs, and end tables to complete this #haven from society. (#mathiasrhodes #novarhodes) For #perfect plants, #mitusgrove is your lot!

Backstory: Andrew Washington

Following after his childhood hero, a hermit that lived in the woods behind his house, Andrew has come to appreciate a simple lifestyle and has for a long time. If he’s ever not fishing, he’s being a bookworm and his gardening skills makes him self-reliant.

A few short years ago, a whirlwind romance with Andrea Reynolds ended in a blessing and curse. She died in childbirth but left him twin daughters, Summer and Savannah – the season and city where they first met.

His father Larry moved in to help with the rambunctious bundles. It was Larry who pushed Andrew to be a contestant on The Sims in Love! He offered to watch the two girls while he went to see if he could find love again.

Prologue Requirements

Well, for this backstory to be accurate I will go in and setup the house first. Make sure there are enough beds for all and get their relationships up. I’ll let them basically do their own thing.

Skills are another story and I’ll use cheats for that. Here is his starting list:

  • Cooking 5
  • Fishing 8
  • Gardening 8
  • Gourmet Cooking 5
  • Handiness 8

I’ve decided he will be a Gardener and will add that career. Honestly because I’m doing most of it via cheats – relationships and all – there won’t be much of a need to play him other than getting him going.

I’m keeping the spreadsheet updated – a lack of organization makes me feel overwhelmed lol.

Famous Last Words:

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