Contestant: Jaiden McCurdy [Sims in Love: Bachelorette Edition]

Again this was found in the gallery and while most of the households I find are a complete unit with wife and kids – so much so I was thinking of doing those and aging everyone up hahaha.

Then I found this gem. Jaiden is still a teen here but a quick adult up will suit him fine. I turned aging off in my game save so that no one will age beyond what they are starting out for the duration of the show.

Back to Jaiden. He comes with mom and dad plus two younger siblings. He isn’t too bad looking either so that is a bonus plus. I’m not really paying attention to traits – that fun will come with the show itself!

The McCurdys are what you can call a dysfunctionall family! Money can buy you anything but when ego comes in the way it’s hard to make it work. Will they pull through or will the family break apart? #drama #dysfunctional #dysfunctionalfamily #story #backstory #hyaleroux #family #5sims #teen #child #adult #seaons #nocc #ccfree #catsanddogs #cityliving #gettogether #gettowork #comments #parenthood #spaday #vintageglamour

Since this family has stuff from packs I don’t have I will have to edit the CAS for them. Looks like they all ended up bald hahahahaha.

Outfits were just randomish as needed. I wanted to spend more time on who they were as a family – such as jobs and skills needed. I want them to run autonomously and just be a normal family.

Backstory: Jaiden McCurdy

Jaiden did not get the best start in life in forming relationships. His whole family hates children and growing up with parents who were never home turned him into an evil adult who also hates kids. He is going onto the show for popularity and does not expect to fall in love.

Jaiden wants to marry a beautiful woman but doesn’t want to settle down and have a family. He wants to party and move up to Boss in his career. He doesn’t have time to tend to a jealous wife and hopes to find someone who is happy to spend his money and raise their kids. He may not like them but his dad brainwashed him with the whole family legacy thing and so he will spread his seed. What his wife doesn’t know won’t hurt her, right? If he can find one first…

Prologue Requirements

Jaiden is in a criminal career and I gave him the following starter skills for that. We’ll see where he ends up!

  • Mischief 10
  • Handiness 6
  • Logic 6
  • Charisma 6

Blake is the father so I put him on the Business track. I gave him a few promotions so he brings home a decent amount every day. I went the investor route and upped his Charisma and Logic Skills.

Ivana is the mom and she also had the business savvy trait so I went with it but decided she would take the management route.

Larissa is all about the music but as a teenager (game is bugged and says she is a young adult but she is a teenager lol) so for now she can be a Barista. She doesn’t need the money but her parents made her get a job and she liked coffee so win win.

Beau is still a child, even if he appears to be a teen (silly bug). I made him a scout for after-school. His parents work long hours and they wanted him looked after until they were home. So even though he hates being a scout he has no choice.

All updated on the spreadsheet:

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