The Filming House [Sims in Love: Bachelorette Edition]

I saved the hardest lot for first. The filming house. I reviewed hundreds of lots in the gallery and I honestly thought I’d have to build this myself! Then I lucked out. I found a hunk in the heap of duds.

Don’t get me wrong, there are tons of nice “looking” houses. FindJoo is a creator who has amazing talent if you’re looking for a house that is appealing on the outside and each room is finely decorated down to the pixel. But if you’re looking for an authentic house with flow; that seems to be a weakness of most of the talent out there.

I mean, walking through a bar to get to the kid’s room? Why do they need Jacuzzi tubs?

To get to a specific bedroom you have to walk through not just one, but maybe two or three more and likely a few bathrooms along the way.

I get the impression their glory is on the initial “wow” effect and after downloading and exploring many players realize they can’t even use the property . I found my needle in a haystack.

The only renovating required was the color scheme for the bachelors and that one bedroom that exists on the ground floor that I converted to butler quarters. The Bachelorette quarters needed to have less pink barbie and more classy femininity. The play test revealed some items that needed to be addressed and I’m glad a fire reminded me to install a sprinkler system!

I could not get the lot to install on a 50 x 50 lot as indicated and had to use a 64 x 64 to get it right. I added some nice flowers and a walkway to get to the lot. Absolutely in love.

I opted to go with a filming house as whatever house I use will be used for any Bachelor/Bachelorette challenges I do. If I have as much fun as I hope there may be more in my future. To be honest I may play the wedded couple for a 100 baby challenge.

I’ll end up playing them all in some fashion. I literally removed every sim via the household editor but those I’ve dropped in.

See the speed renovation and play test videos below.

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