Pack then Purge (and Organize)

We relocated 650 miles from S Florida to N Georgia about six weeks ago. I finally get to be back in the country and I’m loving it!

So this means all our clutter of eight years needs to be purged as we unpack. It wasn’t purged during packing as I was in GA and DH was in FL; separated about a month while I worked to help afford the move. DH isn’t a good packer or purger, he likes to horde things “just in case”. So that falls on me and I’m having to fight him at every box. I don’t keep things for sentimental value but he does. I retain the memories and I don’t need things to do that for me.

I haven’t had the opportunity to review my knitting inventory for a few years since I basically couldn’t knit due to severe pain. Nothing has really changed on that front but I want to knit so I’m willing to work through it. My ravelry account shows yarn I used up and not all the yarn acquired since I last updated my stash. Plus I have so many projects sitting around unfinished and some have needles with which means they are missing if needed for another project. I need to decide if I’m going to frog or continue each project and decide on a few new ones for a new baby being born. I can’t help but knit for babies lol.

Wish me luck!

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