Clean Spring Into Summer

I have organized all the things! I cleaned out my knitting bag and scrambled around in misc boxes for things I knew I had but couldn’t find. O updated my ravelry stash, tools and projects as well. I even went in and tagged all my fav patterns so I could sort through them easier. I’m a bit OCD.

Now everything is in its place and I can pick up my projects whenever. First up is this Spring Into Summer stash buster blanket I started a few months ago. I’m finally using up all the Knit Picks Brava Sport I acquired years ago. Except the Camel Heather as it is so neutral and not really a pretty color at all. Made a Groot for DH with it and thats about it.

Spring Into Summer

Nothing else to report. Want to wrap up this blanket today and start tackling one of the projects hibernating next. Or start a neutral baby blanket for Macy as we don’t know the sex yet. Hmmmm….

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