Mac & Cheese Win

I’ve made the box kind countless times but never homemade. I’ve reviewed recipes and since they all use a roux I figured it would be simple. I’ve been cooking my mom’s biscuits and gravy for years (better than her imo lol) and have perfected creating roux.

For those that don’t know what that is, any leftover grease from cooking (bacon, sausage, etc) or even butter and cooking oils are melted in a pan and flour is added. This cooks the flour and you only need to let it brown so a minute or two is fine. I add milk to my roux for country gravy and it does take skill to prevent lumps. Most tell you to slowly add the milk or broth to the roux, pfffft I dump it all as I find less lumps by a quick cooldown and swift mix. You let that cook until it thickens and mmm mmm delicious. The oil you use adds flavor and I usually fry up sausage and drain for mine. Then I add the sausage back once the gravy is set and pop the biscuits in the oven. Simple. Easy.

I digress. So I was hungry and as usual had no plan for dinner. We just had pasta the other night but my eyes wanted the egg noodles in our pantry. Then I remembered the Velveeta in the fridge and pondered the vegetable and protein I would add. Usually we do tuna and peas in box macaroni and it is divine. I had no peas but I grabbed two tuna cans and two cans of corn as I’ve done that in a pinch before.

Then I remembered the bacon I cooked for breakfast on Sunday. I had saved the extra for BLTs but it felt right in this dish so the tuna went back in the pantry. Corn didn’t seem to fit but we asparagus did. So all that was left is googling my recipe.

I found this and decided to give it a go, as it was basic and used what I had on hand. I doubled the recipe and even measured out 4 cups of noodles but when I added them to the cheese sauce I could see more was needed. So I boiled up the rest and added it all in.

Before the extra noodles but with chopped thick applewood smoked bacon and can of drained asparagus.

I forgot to eat lunch and was starved. DH was still 90 mins away and there was no reason to put off dinner as I had the child to feed too. Not my night for him but he is going to see his grandma this weekend with his other mom. So instead of him staying Wed to Sun, it changed to Mon to Wed afternoon.

I had to modify the recipe a smidge as I don’t have onion or mustard power but I used garlic powder and a liberal sprinkle of parsley instead. I also added parsley to the topping mixture for looks and I’m glad I did.

I drained the extra noodles and gave it a mix before dumping it into a baking pan and covering with the soon the be crispy goodness. Then the eternal twenty minutes of waiting.

Fresh from the oven cheesy goodness 😍

We ate it piping hot and it was by far the best mac and cheese I have ever tasted. So my first time is a winner and this recipe is saved for life. Highly recommend, especially with the addition of bacon and asparagus. Stinky pee is welcome in exchange for this meal!

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