Seven Year Elephants

Today I picked up a knit I set down seven years ago. My second attempt at sizing Water for the Elephants for MIL.

I’ve already knit two rows and it was quite easy to pick back up again. Fair isle is easier to read than lace and I’m certain this will knit up quick and be ready in time to ship this Christmas.

Thankfully I still had my needles in place and even marked the back needle with a safety pin all those years ago. I can’t believe it has been so long but they have always been my favorite knit.

The only issue I have is the originals are far too small (maybe a size 5?) to fit anyone I know. I sent out a few feelers and would joyfully gift them to someone who could appreciate the pattern and would wear them until they wore out. I’m far too proud to unravel them and reuse the yarn for something else, or I wouldn’t have bought new yarn to start the second pair.

Wish me luck! I have a bit of a migraine, been a lovely three days of agony, but perhaps focusing on something will help ease the tension. If anything knitting is better than staring at the TV like a zombie all day.

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