Unraveling the Elephant

I almost completed the first chart yesterday and was excited to start the heel when I noticed that something was off on the pattern and it wasn’t any of my new work. Apparently I had messed up seven years ago and just assumed it was perfect and picked it up where I had left off.

Easy fix, I only had to unravel everything but the ribbing and restart the colorwork. It really is like painting with yarn, line by line. Perhaps more like printing albeit slower pixel by pixel.

I’m not discouraged but since I have learned continental knitting I have been attempting to strand with one color in each hand and the single cable with two needles was tangling everything and desperately slowing my progress. So I plopped my dpns in place and have been knitting up a storm all morning.

No pictures of the disarray this time as alas my lap was covered in yarn and less I tangle it beyond repair I could not get up to retrieve my phone. I figured I knit at least five inches yesterday and could more than make up for it today.

Here we go again!

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