Heel Turn Woes

I have knitted exactly three socks in my life and honestly love them. Each row flies by and suddenly you have an amazing sock or two.

So when I got to the heel flap I was joyous, it meant one chart was done and all I had left was the final for the foot. I recall that this heel flap was easy and I love the way it looks with the slipped stitches.

Imagine my dismay when I had to unravel and restart at least five times. Since it is a four row repeat and the only difference is if you start with k1 k1 sl or k1 sl where the wrong side is all purls with a k1 to start and a sl to finish. So I kept losing track of which right side row I was on!

Part of that has to be the fault of my current binge, Dynasty. So I turned it off and vowed this would be the last unravel of the day. Honestly could have been cured with a row counter which I have an app for on my phone. That I promptly used.

Can’t wait to finish and block!

I’ll have to finish the rest of the flap and turn tomorrow but I’m pleased with my results so far. Arthritis has been killing me this week and DH kindly reminded me that it started when I picked my needles back up. I hope it is just the weather but if not I’ll just have to get used to the pain. At least knitting continental has eased the numbness which is far more painful if I knit through it. I’m just glad that picking yarn over throwing works for my needs and hope I can continue the craft.

I’ve missed knitting and glad that I didn’t sell off my collection of things, stash and tools, a few years ago. DH stopped me because he knew better. I shouldn’t be surprised at how well he knows me but at times it seems better than I know myself. Don’t tell him I said that. He might get a complex. 😉

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