Take That Heel Turn!

I did previously disclose that I have only knit three socks in my life. They are all the same pattern and I am currently working on the fourth; albeit seven years after the first three.

Therefore it should come as no surprise that the heel turn came out wonderful but I had to attack Google to figure out what the next steps were because written instructions aren’t concise for us noob sock knitters.

Line one states to pick up and knit along the slipped edge OPPOSITE where I cut CC. Okay but if I did that then knitting across the heel stitches would look like purls. So I used common sense and picked up where I cut CC and ended up in the right place but it set me back an hour or so because I still had to fiddle with getting my dpns back in their proper places. As you can see above I achieved the heel turn with some swearing and a vow to never knit socks again which will never come to light of course.

Now I only need to flip between the chart and some pinstripe decreases in writing to get back to seventy two stitches evenly spread by eighteen to a dpn for the next few rows before I can mindlessly knit from a chart once again.

I hope to get at least half of the foot chart completed today and have the socks washed and blocked this weekend. I’m certain I’ll finish by then and well before my goal of Christmas, which means soon I’ll need to determine which hibernating project to attack next. Two shawls and a blanket remain plus at some point I need to figure out baby stuff to knit for Macy.


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