The Starter

As much as I hate being part of the popular craze, I’m not ashamed. I’ve maintained a sourdough starter for months before we moved and one of the last things I did before heading to GA was toss it. I was unable to maintain it in my new living arrangements and there is no way DH was going to feed it for me while he remained in FL to pack.

My first batch took a while to get started and I had to wait at least ten days before it was ready for bread. I made a few loaves, some good some not. It is all experimenting, right? To support this I purchased a 20lb bag of flour so I wouldn’t have to run back to the store so often.

After settling into our new house in GA I figured it was time to restart my starter and did so a few days ago. Color me shocked when it behaved like a mature starter after 24 hours! It had a very mild aroma but it was extremely active and exceeded all my expectations. I really wish I’d taken photos and posted about it, but you’ll just have to take my word for it. So you’ll have to settle for day 3’s results!

I’m using all purpose flour and sink *gasp* water. My first attempt in FL had me using bottled water. This time I just used warm water straight from the sink. This house is also warmer in the daytime and that may be a contributing factor.

Just fed this baby 150g of flour and water.
I love seeing the bubbles form after a feeding.

The above is my main starter. I did NOT discard on day two and instead split the one I had in two (yesterday). I intended to make sourdough pancakes this morning (they were yummy) and wanted to ferment some extra. Plus I wanted to ensure that my babies were getting the best chance and didn’t want to discard anything as they were very alive!

What you see below is the “leftover” as I only fed the starter I used to make pancakes this morning. It was the most alive and ready to go. Not that the other container was anything to be ashamed of – it was fed last night at 6:45 PM and these photos were snapped just after noon today. It won’t go to waste as I plan on making some sourdough today! Errr…later tonight since I’m starting a bit later today.

I cannot find the recipes I used previously and it is several months later so people have had time to better adapt things for the 2020 sourdough craze. Which is why I’m not going to bother explaining the process of making your own or feeding it. I do maintain a 100% hydration starter and add equal amounts of flour and water for the weight of the starter itself.

So today I’ll be using a recipe from made specifically for all purpose flour! Will I fail or will I succeed with my immature but thriving starter? Stay tuned to find out!

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