I Declare War

I really wish I had taken photos of this before we did the work. It was a massive job and I’m proud to have gotten it done. Our lawn hasn’t been mowed since we moved in mid July. We live on an acre lot where maybe 1/2 requires maintenance. The rest is the house, shed, and forest.

The reason? I couldn’t afford to pay for someone to come out and take care of it every week. It is the rainy season and the grass just grows and grows and grows. We have been attempting to acquire a used mower for $50 for the past month or so from DH’s coworker and FINALLY on Sunday we got it. Even though it hadn’t been started for over a year, it fired right up which was a definite plus.

Then I set to work mowing the back and side yards plus the area around the driveway. Then the front yard. I got about 1/3 through this yard before letting DS take the reins and mow away.

On Monday I was going to go out and rake the front yard to collect the excessive grass and prevent the yard from dying as a result of it being covered; however it rained most of the day and I was unable to venture out.

On Tuesday it only sprinkled in the morning and I set out early afternoon to get to raking. What a job, I filled up at least 6 garbage cans worth of clippings and leaves from around the house, shed, and front yard. I didn’t rake any grass clippings elsewhere, just the front yard.

In the process I yanked out roots of the vines that have been creeping on the fence. At one point they must have been left to overgrow as you can see the large vine still wrapped around the fence below. I don’t have the tools required to get it off; however I did get all the lesser vines removed from the fence.

In order to better see future growth along the fence line I raked back anything green to reveal the dirt and found the mama.

She was deep and I didn’t have anything to dig her up with so I used one of the old thick vines to dig around the roots. I pulled up some that went over ten feet into my yard. I declared war on her and got as many roots as I could removed before finally digging her out.

Okay, so I didn’t get her fully out, just the bulk of her. There was smaller children around that I did manage to get up thanks to following her root lines. She’ll grow back and I’ll buy some root killer to finally win the war; however today I won a small battle.

This is mostly children vines and root systems that I pulled out as I went, I ended up filling up the can with these miscreants before having to dump it out. We have a deep recess in the corner of our front yard with some wild growth and trees and I’ve been dumping all the lawn refuse there as it’ll eventually break down and fill in the hole.

Alas, due to all the rain we must mow the lawn again today; however I’m going to have DS mow everything. Mostly because he is grounded and cannot access any technology outside of what he needs to for school. Why is he grounded? Because instead of uploading notes from lessons (he is doing virtual school) he uploaded pictures of animals. He also just typed random letters for answers instead of a logical response. Not sure how he expected to get away with it but it cost him all technology for the foreseeable future. We can only assume he did so in order to get more tech time and you can see how well that worked out for him.

As a result he is moping around the house and I’m not having that. So if he will not read or draw or find some other activity to entertain himself that doesn’t involve technology then he gets to go out and do yard work. If he still continues to mope then he can just sit in his bedroom which has nothing but books and drawing supplies. I also reduced his bedtime by an hour and he is to be in his room by 9 pm instead of the usual 10 pm.

He has been at his dad’s house since Monday morning and just returned this morning. Currently he is working on school work and smart mom I am he is using the living room television as a monitor. He always has to be supervised online and so I thought to do this when we moved in and glad I did.

Now off to make lunch and then a quick trip to the grocery store!

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