Construction Zone

We noticed the dip a few weeks ago. DH swears it was like that when we moved in but I don’t recall it being so deep. Maybe a bit squishy.

Since it is just in front of our shower and a rug covers it, I never really noticed. I finally broke down and messaged the landlord yesterday.

Plus side, I have an amazing landlord. Just wasn’t looking forward to not being able to use my bathroom and having to squeeze into the much smaller hall bath, which would now be shared by three people!

So I emptied everything out as requested and snapped a photo of the before.

What seemed like a weekend project just took four hours. A blessing honestly as I don’t like people in my house, especially on the weekend! It was just weakened particle board, shameful on the original builders, that had enough.

The drain was not leaking and there was zero water damage. I took a few pictures of the progress. They braced the other squishy part to ensure it held up.

Like it never even happened! Now I have the luxury of putting everything back…but not before a nice deep clean which is always easier when it is completely empty.

He even fixed one of the sinks that was leaking. I had forgotten about it even though DH reminded me but they saw the Tupperware under the pipe in the cabinet and took care of it without being prompted.

He even verified where the septic tank was for me as I want to start a garden in the backyard as it gets full sun most of the day and was glad it wasn’t located near there. Project for another day. Plus Fall is upon us but I can at least get it cleared and possibly tilled so I can add some lawn clippings and leaves and mix it all in.

I have never gardened before and if I intend to homestead I better start learning!


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