Adios Elephants, Hola Greyson!

It only took me over seven years, eight if you count the first pair, to knit these socks for MIL. The first pair were (are) gorgeous, they just don’t fit her (or anyone). I decided to make a second pair that would and after finishing the first sock, I ended up hibernating the project for seven years because I stopped knitting.

It has been a good accompaniment to my latest binge on Netflix, Lucifer. I started it a few years ago and must have stopped somewhere in season 2 and I’m currently on the season 3 finale. See me knitting and watching on my laptop while DS plays on the Xbox a few episodes back. Fun times. You can even see the tech tickets he turned in for it tucked under my laptop there.

I did mess up a bit on the toe of the second sock. By mess up I mean I followed the pattern which apparently I did NOT for the first. I realized my mistake a few rows too late; however I didn’t bother unraveling. I was at the finish line and determined to get these off my needles so that I can start on baby knits for the upcoming bundle of joy in February. Any unraveling would just put me in a not-wanting-to-finish-these-socks-mood and so I just decreased how I did the first time and let it be. Only a knitter would be able to tell. Plus, who is looking at the toe of a sock? Crazy people I tell ya lol.

I decided to knit Greyson by Julia Stanfield. They are in the round, which is perfect for my new knitting style, and there is no grafting. I’m looking forward to a solid color knit piece that should be rather fast and easy. Now that I pick my yarn it is much faster. I still haven’t mastered purling this way yet and I’m looking for a leisure project not a learning one.

I’ve made this before, in a much larger size, for my son. Also seven years ago…but in just under a month. Very proud of how this knit came out and was so happy to get the below picture of him wearing it. Happy it fit well. As far as I know they put it away for him as a keepsake, which I think is very kind.

I couldn’t wait to start so I already cast on for the new Greyson. Since I’d rather ensure it’ll fit, I’m making the 0-3 month version over the newborn. I’m using Knit Picks Comfy Worsted Planetarium as the babe will be born in a mild climate and the pima cotton blend with acrylic is very soft and will be comfy against a newborn’s skin. Surprise, surprise it has been in my stash for seven years, hahaha. Everything is at least that old. My son is fourteen now and I started knitting after he was born (or was it while I was pregnant?) just so I could make things for him. I wanted to do the whole cloth diaper, wool soaker, etc. thing but it just wasn’t in the cards.

I spent way too much time determining which cast on method to use here. Ended up with long tail as with so few cast on stitches it is a breeze and since this is top down it means the neckline is where I’m starting so a nice stretchy cast on is preferred. I didn’t even have to look up to remember as alas muscle memory is a blessing. It was always my go-to-favorite of all time so there is that. I may have left too long of a tail but meh. I always do 🙂

I started with metal needles on my circulars and ended up swapping to wood as this yarn is very slippery. I also learned I hate kfb with this yarn. Or maybe its because I haven’t mastered the move in Continental mode yet. Since the neck starts as flat before you join in the round it means I have to swap to English mode every wrong side for the purls. I’m also finding it hard to adjust to larger needles and yarn after that sock. It was much easier to pick when it was all tiny and helpless. This yarn is so soft and fuzzy that it is a bit looser and likewise harder to pull stitches through but I’ll manage.

If you have never knit this pattern, I highly recommend it! The designer really put together easy to follow instructions with color coding and very neat formatting to make it easy to follow. Plus it doesn’t matter what size or what yarn, she made a pattern for it all! I also see that she added the ability to sell items made from it, which is a bonus imo for such a well thought out arrangement of patterns. In addition the knit itself is quite brilliant in it’s construction and well worth the cost of purchase.

Back to my late night knitting with Lucifer!

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