Rain, Rain Go Away

I stayed up until like 3am last night/this morning because I discovered a count was off due to a missed increase. I had to force myself to unravel it stitch by stitch – a whole five rows – until I got back to where I fudged up. I wanted this to be perfect and maybe my OCD and the lack of sleep kicked in. I think I nodded off eventually and it was pretty late/early depending on how you look at it. When DH got up for work at 6:30 this morning I fixed his lunch and passed back out until around 10am.

It was raining when I woke up. A drizzle all day long. I’m a smoker and I like to stay dry for said activity. No such luck here as both porches are open to the skies and it really put a damper on my day. I usually sit outside for a bit of the day just listening to the birds or insects and enjoying the breeze. So I was confined to the house today which suited Greyson well but not my mood. Then the power flickered midday but came back almost immediately. Then later it flicked off, on, off, on, off, on…like three times was the charm. Until it was time to cook dinner it went out again and didn’t come back.

So we did what any sensible family would when confined to a dark house with no internet and grumbles in our tummy. We went out to eat. Tried a new place, don’t ask me the name. Fried seafood which was okay but meh not really the highlight of my day. It wasted the appropriate time since all food is at least seventeen miles from our house and most “quick” trips out are at least thirty minutes each way. I like the isolation most times until I need something and need to waste an hour of driving to acquire it. Good thing my car gets 32 mpg and I only need to fill up once a month.

Before we left, I checked the power company app it there was just 300 people affected so I assumed it would be a quick fix and back on by the time we got home. I was right. Checked the app before leaving the restaurant and it said one household was still out. Chances are it wasn’t us and lady luck was on our side. Which was good because I was on the last ribbing row on the main body of Greyson when it went dark and really wanted to finish it off.

So adorbs! I just love how tiny baby knits come out looking too cute for their own good.
The pink was to measure 10 inches from the top to when I started my ribbing. Easier to measure with a yarn tied precisely than to pull out the broken tape measure again and again just to see if that one row really equaled the four inches you needed.

I used Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off because a regular bind off in pattern seemed boring. I hadn’t used it in ages and it was once upon a time my favorite bind off for just about everything.

Of course as I am writing this the power just went out, again! Apparently I’m one of sixteen households in my county, with this power company, to have lost power. *cries* I of course used my phone to hotspot my laptop so this post didn’t sit in a drafts for days before I realized it was never published.

I guess this gives me time to figure out if I want to knit cap or long sleeves for this sweater. I’m leaning towards long but this can be iffy on a baby. Too long or too short or even too small to fit their arm or too big. I’ve been pondering this since I put the sleeve stitches on cables.

Of course now the power is back on, so yay for that. So weird as now 130 households are down. I’m a bit addicted to this application they have. It even has a map to show where the outages are which is pretty cool. All I know is that I’m NOT resetting my clocks until tomorrow. I didn’t earlier because lazy and glad I didn’t bother. The oven, coffee machine, and microwave can just flash or tell bad time until I’m certain this power issue is fixed.

Back to sleeves. Still on the fence but seeing as I have six skeins of this yarn I’m going with long I guess. The last thing I want/need is just one extra skein laying around after a project that never gets used for anything but taking up space. So the plan here is to use it ALL up. I’m thinking some matching pants would be adorbs but I haven’t managed to find anything I like yet.

One thing about this yarn, it is very fuzzy. I’m covered in fuzz and so is my chair. Lots of shed and even more when I *insert drum roll here* learned to purl in continental. My hands were in raw agony last night as the first part of this knit is done so in the flat and that meant rows and rows of purling english style.

I honestly couldn’t fathom learning a new method AND getting into this project at the same time. Sadly the knit rows weren’t enough to give me a break but I was very determined to keep on going. I made it through and finally joining in the round was a joyous moment that was soon dulled when I reached the ribbing which meant more purls. I decided that enough was enough and eight rows of k1, p1 should be enough to help me learn this finally. Since I was close to the finish line on this project I figured it would motivate me to keep at it.

I watched a few videos to get the gist of it down in how I move the yarn around. Of course this was AFTER I thought I knew what I was doing and realized all my purl stitches were twisted when I got to row two. So I had to fix those and figure out how I was supposed to get this stupid yarn to loop and train my fingers to make it happen. It was painfully slow but I got it and found my jive with it. It is still much easier to knit this way than purl; however I’m confident that more practice will help now that I have the technique in hand. I hate ribbing no matter which knitting style but it is far easier to move the yarn front and back with continental and it even has it’s own flow. Only took me fourteen years to finally learn and adopt it.

Overall, rather pleased with today’s knitting. Nothing like an almost finished project to give good mojo and I’m likely going to get at least one sleeve done before I pass out on my recliner again tonight. Hopefully I’ll have the sense to put my knitting down as I get groggy watching Lucifer as I did last night. The show is getting painfully annoying with the drawn out love angle. I get it and why they do this to us; however at this point it is kind of silly. If they don’t do the deed before the end of season five I’m not certain I’ll entertain season six when it arrives.

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