Like Riding a Bike

Greyson is done. I’m not 100% happy with my knitting on this one as I apparently messed up a bit in several places. I fixed most with duplicate stitches as I was weaving in my ends. I had to fight my OCD and leave it be as is.

A lot has to do with knitting in the round with limited stitches or stupidly using a knotted join for the second ball. Late night knitting doesn’t make for the best decisions. The garment will wear well and hopefully I can de-shed most of the yarn in the wash and dryer.

I ended up using just shy of two balls which means I have four left. I can either save them for the future or make something else to match. I was thinking pants but that means more knitting in the round with minimal stitches lol. I hate having to adjust and move needles every five seconds it seems. Really wish I had dpns in bigger sizes.

On the plus side, I am no longer scared of purling continental and have done very well in establishing muscle memory so it is painless. I also do not dislike seaming and therefore may seek pants that are knit flat and seamed as a result.

Being able to knit again is an absolute dream and I have missed it so much. The only difference is now I have arthritis and it causes flareups but certainly nothing like the agony of English knitting. I can finally put that method away and never touch it again for any stitch.

Learning a new method is a bit like learning to knit all over again. Holding the yarn is the same as crochet but you have to move your fingers and hands differently than with English. I’m only sad I waited so long and took a long hiatus from my craft. This is the first project I have started and finished since I put my needles down and while it is not perfect it was the perfect knit to get me back into it.

I have set a goal of five projects this year and Ravelry has counted the Elephant Socks, Spring into Summer blanket, and the Baby Hug Boots I knit one of two booties for – so technically I have just one project left. It somewhat feels like cheating and not at all what I intended when I set it for five items so I have updated it to eight in order to not count those.

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