Lolita Dreams Take 2

The worst thing to pick up after a hiatus has to be lace work. I spent the last hour reading my knitting, fixing a mistake that was obvious from the last ws row I completed, and trying like hell to figure out what row I am on. Row 17 was the only one that made sense and as I knit it my stitches seemed to be correctly placed based on the chart and logic. If I had used beads for this I’m sure it would have been much easier lol.

I decided to pick up a hibernating project as I have goals to finish those in addition to my five new projects in 2020. I’ll be honest, I did weigh the option of unraveling and starting those shawl all over. I decided to go with my gut here and we will see if it was right. I hope so. If not, oh well haha.

Famous Last Words:

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