Back to the Grind

When DH and I decided to relocate it was a decision we didn’t take lightly. Honestly, we had discussed relocating for years and we were both on board with the concept. It was no secret I wasn’t happy with my current job at the time. I gave them my heart and soul and many days and nights of blood, sweat, and tears. The environment was extremely hostile and it seemed the best way to get ahead was grow a penis and find a man in the boy’s club to pull me up. It wasn’t about work ethic or going above and beyond, it was all politics and I bumped my head on the glass ceiling too many times over my tenure there. I stayed because the money was good. Not so good that I didn’t jump on an opportunity for my own business venture in February. A business venture that went south when COVID hit in full force.

So there I was, without a job and with zero savings. Once upon a time we had a nice nest egg; however over the years we had to use it to make ends meet. I’m not proud to admit we lived above our means; something I never wanted to do in my life. Discounting my leased car, we are currently over 20k in debt. A combination of student loans I have no degree to balance, personal loans from friends and family, credit cards and medical bills from lack of insurance. DH hasn’t worked in years through no real fault of his own; therefore I needed that high paying job even if it caused me emotional distress on a daily basis. When I resigned, it was a decision DH and I weighed and we decided to take a chance on me and our future.

I don’t regret any of it, because without it I would not be sitting here in Dahlonega, GA with my fourteen year-old DS sitting across from me. I would not have relocated to be near him and would have likely missed out on his teenage years and watch him grow into an adult. I had “that feeling” in my gut when I resigned in February, Valentine’s Day of all days, that what I was doing was the right choice for my future. When my business venture ran out of steam, with no income and just more bills piling up, depression set in.

I didn’t want to do anything and there was nothing to do in terms of employment. We received a generous loan with no interest or payback terms from a close friend that helped us pay for food and keep the power on. Then my son’s father called and asked if we could visit – as it would benefit DS dearly to see his mom.

Before we departed FL we discussed the option to move to GA. Neither of us were employed and we’d soon be unable to pay bills. It was decided that I’d start looking for work in GA and even that fell into place as my ex-husband offered me a job at his business. Begore we departed back to FL, it was decided that I’d drive back to GA after packing my clothes and personal items and live with them a month or so while looking for a place to rent. DH would remain in FL and pack up our belongings and join me after. It was a long six weeks.

The relocation cost us $2,500 which we couldn’t afford really, plus we had to pay the bills we hadn’t for months in FL and establish new bills in GA for our new home. It has been rough and I asked DH to find employment here in GA to help. Thankfully he found a wonderful job that paid more than I was making and we were set in our future goals to pay off our debt and buy land here in GA. Then I lost my job when the second wave of COVID hit. They couldn’t afford to pay me as business was dropping and we parted ways. No hard feelings at all; however it did set us back financially. I’ve been budgeting every cent and even managed to save a little. We’re still drowning in debt; however with careful budgeting we could make it happen on his job alone. It would just take longer.

DH has asked me to find another job since I lost my last one and I did try for a while. Most of the opportunities in my skill range were several hours away commute-wise and a lot of the remote stuff was not appealing. I ended up spending that time getting our house unpacked, budgeting our finances, and spending time with DS. Time I never got before and time I wanted and needed. That time has ended and I sat down yesterday with the goal of applying to at least five jobs. I hated doing it but we needed the income to pay things off as quickly as possible. One credit card has $125 in interest a month and it is killing us. Plus our EBT has finally ceased and without this money grocery budgets have to start and it is hard to do this at a $100 a week and eat a nutritious balanced diet.

First I applied at USPS as they need seasonal workers and the pay was decent and we all know government benefits can be pretty sweet. Then I found an opening at the local – by local I mean 33 miles away – Amazon Fulfillment center. It is a guaranteed job as long as I pass the drug test and background check; neither are an issue for me. I really love their onboarding process. I completed a simple assessment after a simple application. No job experience required. The next step was to select an appointment date/time to provide my legal identification documents, take the oral drug test, and photo for my employee badge.

I already have a start date – October 12th. I have already selected my hours, Sun – Wednesday from 9am to 6:30pm which includes a 1.5 hour break between the two four-hour shifts. This works out well for the days I have DS and if adjustments need to be made then we will make them. It is pretty much a 99.9% guaranteed job and it was painless to apply. There are no fancy interviews I need to primp for. If anything my go-to buns are necessary as we cannot have our hair below our shoulders. They value comfort so I get to wear jeans and comfy shoes with t-shirts. It isn’t really full-time so I’m not sure about benefits; however DH is acquiring those soon and it is really the reason I had to hit the pavement. We weren’t sure we could budget that and still make ends meet.

We have been without health insurance since I resigned and we’ve racked up a few thousand in medical bills as a result from lack of coverage. 2020 has been a painful year; however we have our health and we are employed which is nothing short of amazing in comparison to so many others. My heart really goes out to them and if I could afford to help someone else, I most certainly would. I can barely help myself these days.

It is a physical labor role which I have never done before. All of my experience has been office work in managing people and process. I’m not shy about physical labor and if anything it may help me lose some of the weight I’ve gained over the years. It does mean that Sun, Mon, Tues, and Wed dinners will have to be planned differently and I’ll likely rely on my crockpot since I won’t even get home until after 7:30pm. I’ll have less energy to keep the house in tip-top shape and will have to commute an hour each way. The extra income is worth it and the chance to get my foot in the door at a forward-thinking company is worth it. Just don’t pop by my house without warning and expect everything to shine or a meal to be ready. I’ll just have to find time to knit among all the rest of it to keep my sanity intact.

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