Upgrade Resource Spreadsheet

I haven’t played KoA in years and don’t intend to update this sheet. WYSIWYG

UPGRADE RESOURCE SPREADSHEET I have created an external database so you always get the updated data for new buildings and troops.  I’ve also added a few features I think you’ll really enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: I take zero responsibility for user error. If you mess up a formula you’re on your own. No I’m not fixing it – download a new copy and start over.

INSTRUCTIONS: Before I give you the link, you should review the below so you know how to save your own copy AND how to connect the database.

  • DATABASE: This is a new feature that connects your sheet to an external database that I manage for King of Avalon.  So if they add Stronghold 41 the data will magically appear on your copy.
  • SAVE A COPY: You cannot edit the template. Save a copy!  Use Google Sheets – all data is synced to your Google account and you can access your sheet via any device or computer.



  • Resource calculator including items and on hand goods.  
  • Exact build costs with all hero, subscription, and gear reductions calculated across the entire sheet.
  •  Forecast your future resource gains by alliance resource building and labyrinth items.